This Winter: Your Bag with Darabem Designs My Collection Grid Gallery Slide In nature there are wonderful geometric shapes that obey a pattern. The most perfect historically is the golden ratio that is in the aquatic world, such as the nautilus or the terrestrial one such as the sunflower. One of the most beautiful aquatic …

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This Autumn: Your Bag with Darabem Designs Download here Darabem’s infographics. My Collection Grid Gallery Slide The autumns lived are different according to the person and age. All autumns have something in common and something different. The painting wants to retain something from each of them because it is a satisfaction for me to relive them. …

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Peneira by Darabem shows a way of representing the inner world of the human being and the social and visible environment. The picture is about the sieve and its most essential meaning and is related to the religious and Christian world of people.

A pleasant fragance

The painting process… Begins with… an Idea My inspiration comes from COLORS EMOTIONS MUSIC basis of all my artwork SHAPES FORMS COLORS Visual Storyteller Imagination Content Technique Behind every Darabem painting is a story. Every one of  Darabem’s works has a narrative. A pleasant fragance Our physique determines us. Our belongings determine us. We are …

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