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Acrylic on paper | 50 cm x 70 cm

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The?cultural values of daily and ceremonial life were?likewise?reflected in art.?A few words to reflect and relate: Family, faith, identity, key, hands. To our faith, God adds his power. Faced with a higher power, money is not necessary. You have the most important thing. There is a moral obligation of immigrants who flee for economic reasons, and not political ones. But a deeper obligation and it is the religious one. In social networks, the need for religion is discussed. That is a sign of a global society that has lost values, languages, civilizations. Before societies that advance destroying the past the first question is how to preserve what we have? Those who leave their country in a raft carry with them everything they need to start: their values and their spirit.

Dimensions50 × 70 cm





Surrealism, ?Conceptual, ?Expressionism, ?Illustration

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